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Combined Heat and Power Installations in Maine

City Organization Name Facility Name Application SIC4 NAICS Op Year Prime Mover Capacity (KW) Fuel Class-Primary Fuel
Athens Athens Energy / Maine Wood Pellet Company Wood Pellet Production Facility Wood Products 2499 321999 2016 ORC 9,000 WOOD - Wood Waste
Lewiston Covenant Health Systems St. Mary's d'Youville Pavilion Designated as Critical Infrastructure Nursing Home 8051 62311 2016 ERENG 150 NG - NG
Monhegan Island Monhegan Plantation Power District Monhegan Island Power Plant Utilities 4939 221112 2016 MT 260 OIL - Distillate Fue
Bangor Military Military Designated as Critical Infrastructure Energy Star CHP Award Military / National Security 9711 92811 2015 ERENG 80 NG - NG
Brunswick Quasar / Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority Brunswick Renewable Energy Center Misc. Services 8733 541715 2015 ERENG 1,000 BIOMASS - Digester G
Augusta Augusta City Center Augusta City Center Designated as Critical Infrastructure General Gov't. 9100 92119 2014 MT 65 NG - NG
Bar Harbor The Jackson Laboratory The Jackson Laboratory Misc. Services 8733 541711 2014 B/ST 600 WOOD - Wood Waste
Lewiston Lewiston Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority Lewiston Auburn Wastewater Treatment Plant Designated as Critical Infrastructure Wastewater Treatment 4952 22132 2013 ERENG 460 BIOMASS - Digester G
Portland American DG Energy Cumberland County Jail Designated as Critical Infrastructure Justice / Public Order 9223 92214 2013 ERENG 150 NG - NG
Pulp and Paper Mill Pulp and Paper Mill Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 2012 ERENG 28,000 BIOMASS - Biomass
Brunswick Bowdoin College College Designated as Critical Infrastructure Energy Star CHP Award Colleges / Univ. 8221 61131 2012 B/ST 630 NG - NG
Dixfield Industrial Facility Industrial Facility Wood Products 2421 321113 2011 B/ST 670 BIOMASS - Biomass
Jackman Turbosteam Moose River Lumber Wood Products 2421 32113 2011 B/ST 425 WOOD - Wood
Wells Billy's Chowder House Billy's Chowder House Restaurants 5812 72211 2011 ERENG 12 BIOMASS - Biomass
Augusta VA Medical Center Togus VA Medical Center Designated as Critical Infrastructure Hospitals / Healthcare 8062 62211 2010 B/ST 661 BIOMASS - Biomass
Orono University of Maine University of Maine Designated as Critical Infrastructure Colleges / Univ. 8221 61131 2010 B/ST 600 NG - NG
Old Town Old Town YMCA Recreation Facility Amusement / Recreation 7990 71399 2009 MT 65 NG - NG
Waterville Huhtamaki Huhtamaki Paper Manufacturing Pulp and Paper 2656 32221 2008 BPST 575 WAST - Steam
Bangor Eastern Maine Medical Center Eastern Maine Medical Center Designated as Critical Infrastructure Energy Star CHP Award Hospitals / Healthcare 8062 62211 2006 CT 4,400 NG - NG
Bangor Auto Dealership Auto Dealership Automotive Services 5511 44111 2004 MT 60 NG - NG
Kittery U.S. Navy Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard (ESPC #1) Designated as Critical Infrastructure Military / National Security 9711 92811 2000 CT 10,500 NG - NG
Jay Calpine - Androscoggin Energy LLC Androscoggin Energy Center Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1999 CT 163,500 NG - NG
Waterville Colby College Colby College Designated as Critical Infrastructure Colleges / Univ. 8221 61131 1999 B/ST 600 OIL - Oil
Madison Madison Paper Industries Inc Anson Abenaki Hydros Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1994 B/ST 3,000 OIL - RFO
Auburn Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp Mmwac Resource Recovery Facility Solid Waste Facilities 4953 562212 1992 B/ST 5,000 WAST - MSW
Mattawamkeag Aroostook & Bangor Reload Co Aroostook Bangor Reload Co Perma Treat Plant Wood Products 2421 321113 1992 B/ST 1,000 WOOD - Wood Waste
Rumford New Page Corporation / Rumford Cogen Company New Page Rumford Cogeneration Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1990 B/ST 85,000 COAL - Coal
Madawaska Twin Rivers Paper Co. Fraser Paper, Ltd. Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1989 B/ST 20,000 OTR - Other
Sanford Lavalley Lumber LLC Lavalley Lumber LLC Wood Products 2421 321113 1989 B/ST 1,500 WOOD - Wood Waste
Bucksport Bucksport Energy LLC Verso Paper / International Paper Pulp and Paper 2600 322 1988 B/ST 276,000 NG - NG
Bethel P. H. Chadbourne & Co. P. H. Chadbourne & Co. Wood Products 2411 11331 1987 B/ST 1,814 WOOD - Wood
Lewiston Corporate Energy Management ,Nc Bates Energy Associates Designated as Critical Infrastructure Colleges / Univ. 8221 61131 1986 B/ST 1,125 WOOD - Wood
Westbrook Sappi / S.D. Warren / Scott Paper Company S.D. Warren Division / Westbrook Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1982 B/ST 62,500 WOOD - Wood Waste
Searsmont Robbins Lumber Inc Robbins Lumber Inc Wood Products 2421 321113 1981 B/ST 1,250 WOOD - Wood Waste
Hinckley / Skowhegan Sappi / S.D. Warren / Scott Paper Company S.D. Warren Somerset Mill Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1976 B/ST 115,000 WAST - Black Liquor
Woodland / Baileyville Domtar / Georgia-Pacific Corporation Domtar Woodland Mill Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1966 B/ST 44,500 WAST - Black Liquor
Jay Verso Paper / International Paper Androscoggin Mill Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1965 B/ST 80,000 WAST - Black Liquor
Rumford New Page / Boise Cascade Corporation Mead Rumford Cogen Pulp and Paper 2621 322121 1955 B/ST 12,500 NG - NG

Critical Infrastructure icon Critical Infrastructure (CI) sites are those that fall into overall critical infrastructure facility application types. These facilities may deliver essential services and functions during natural disasters, emergency events, or grid outages, and CHP may allow the facilities to provide reliable electric and thermal energy to maintain our nation’s security, public health and safety, and support sectors.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star icon Denotes systems that have earned the Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Award for superior performance. For more information, see https://www.epa.gov/chp/energy-star-chp-awards

State Summary for Maine

Prime Mover Sites Capacity (KW)
Total 38 932,652
Backpressure Steam Turbine 1 575
Boiler/Steam Turbine 22 714,375
Combined Cycle 0 0
Combustion Turbine 3 178,400
Reciprocating Engine 7 29,852
Fuel Cell 0 0
Heat Recovery Steam Generator with a Steam Turbine 0 0
Microturbine 4 450
Organic Rankine Cycle 1 9,000
Other 0 0
Other WHP* 0 0
Steam Rankine Cycle 0 0

Prime Mover Code Descriptions

Prime Mover Code Description
B/ST Boiler/Steam Turbine
CC Combined Cycle
CT Combustion Turbine
FCEL Fuel Cell
MT Microturbine
ERENG Reciprocating Engine
ORC Organic Rankine Cycle
SRC Steam Rankine Cycle
BPST Backpressure Steam Turbine
HRSG/ST Heat Recovery Steam Generator with a Steam Turbine
Other WHP Unknown or Other WHP Cycles
OTH Other

Column Heading Descriptions

Heading Description
City City name
Organization Name Name of the owner or operator of the CHP system
Facility Name Name of the facility that uses the thermal energy from the CHP system
Application Market sector served by the CHP system
SIC4 Standard Industrial Classification, 4-digit code
NAICS North American Industry Classification System code
Op Year Year the CHP system first became operational (years of system expansions are not shown)
Install Year Year of the last installation at the site.
Prime Mover Primary equipment type ( if a site has units of different equipment types, the type accounting for the largest capacity will be shown)
Capacity (kW) Total capacity of all CHP units at the site (kilowatts)
Fuel Type Primary fuel type used by the CHP system

Fuel Code Descriptions

Fuel Code Description
BIOMASS Biomass, LFG, Digester Gas, Bagasse
NG Natural Gas, Propane
OIL Oil, Distillate Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, RFO
WAST Waste, Waste Heat, MSW, Black Liquor, Blast Furnace, Gas, Petroleum Coke, Process Gas
WOOD Wood, Wood Waste
OTH Other

*Note: while this system is waste heat to power it may not meet PURPA's definition of cogeneration (aka CHP).