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Combined Heat and Power Installations in Missouri

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City Organization Name Facility Name Application SIC4 NAICS Op Year Latest Install Year Capacity (KW) Prime Mover Fuel Class-Primary Fuel Last Verified
Butler City of Butler Butler CI District Energy 4961 22133 1946 2000 13,100 ERENG OIL - Fuel Oil 2016
Columbia University of Missouri University of Missouri Power Plant CI Energy Star CHP Award Colleges / Universities 8221 61131 1961 2002 66,300 B/ST NG - Natural Gas 2019
Columbia Columbia Light and Power / City of Columbia Columbia Landfill Solid Waste Facilities 4953 562212 2015 2016 3,000 ERENG RENEWABLE - Landfill Gas 2016
Fort Leonard Wood U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood CI Military / Nat'l Security 9711 92811 2019 2019 2,500 ERENG NG - Natural Gas 2020
Hannibal Overland Energy Corporation Best Western on the River Hotels 7011 72111 1990 1990 150 ERENG NG - Natural Gas 1990
Jefferson City Ameresco / Jefferson City Landfill Jefferson City Correction Center CI Justice / Public Order 9223 92214 2009 2009 3,200 ERENG RENEWABLE - Landfill Gas 2018
Kansas City General Services Administration Richard Bolling Federal Building General Gov't. 9100 92119 2000 2000 100 BPST WHP - Steam 2005
Kansas City Veolia Energy Kansas City Grand Ave Plant CI District Energy 4961 22133 2012 2012 6,000 B/ST NG - Natural Gas 2017
Kansas City Veolia Energy Trigen-Kansas City Energy MG CI District Energy 4961 22133 1990 1990 6,000 B/ST COAL - Coal 1997
Laddonia Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission / POET Biorefining POET Biorefining - Missouri Ethanol Energy Star CHP Award Chemicals 2869 325193 2006 2006 15,000 CT NG - Natural Gas 2017
Lewistown Lewistown School District Lewistown School District CI Schools 8211 61111 2003 2003 60 MT NG - Natural Gas 2005
Macon POET Biorefining / Northeast Missouri Grain LLC / City of Macon Northeast Missouri Grain Energy Star CHP Award Chemicals 2869 325193 2003 2003 10,000 CT NG - Natural Gas 2016
Mountain View Smith Flooring, Inc. Smith Flooring, Inc. Wood Products 2426 321918 1989 1989 500 B/ST RENEWABLE - Wood 1989
Neosho La-Z-Boy Chair Company, Inc. La-Z-Boy Chair Company Furniture 2511 337112 1984 1984 750 B/ST RENEWABLE - Wood 1990
Rolla Missouri University of Science and Technology Solar Village MG CI Colleges / Universities 8221 61131 2014 2014 5 FCEL NG - Natural Gas 2021
Springfield City of Springfield Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant CI Wastewater Treatment 4952 22132 2019 2019 2,400 ERENG RENEWABLE - Digester Gas 2020
St. Joseph KCP&L Greater Missouri Lake Road Plant Utilities 4939 221112 1950 1962 60,500 B/ST NG - Natural Gas 2017
St. Louis Ashley Energy / City of St. Louis Ashley Plant CI District Energy 4961 22133 2000 2000 15,000 CT NG - Natural Gas 2016
St. Louis Anheuser-Busch Anheuser-Busch Food Processing 2082 31212 1939 1948 26,100 B/ST NG - Natural Gas 2016
St. Louis Southwestern Bell Telephone Co Southwestern Bell Telephone CI Communications 4813 51331 1992 1992 6,000 ERENG OIL - Fuel Oil 2015
St. Louis Nooney Management Brandonview Building Commercial Buildings 6512 53112 1969 1969 4,300 ERENG NG - Natural Gas 2016
Agricultural Facility Agricultural Facility Agriculture 241 11212 2014 2014 800 ERENG RENEWABLE - Digester Gas 2016

MG Denotes a CHP system that is part of a microgrid, a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources (DERs) that can disconnect and re-connect to the utility grid as a single entity, allowing facilities to remain operational during utility outages. A CHP system is considered part of a microgrid if it serves multiple buildings or if it is connected to other DER technologies.

CI Denotes sites that fall into overall Critical Infrastructure (CI) facility application types. These facilities may deliver essential services and functions during natural disasters, emergency events, or grid outages, and CHP may allow the facilities to provide reliable electric and thermal energy to maintain our nation’s security, public health and safety, and support sectors.

Energy Star CHP Award Denotes systems that have earned the Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Award for superior performance. For more information, see https://www.epa.gov/chp/energy-star-chp-awards

State Summary for Missouri

Prime Mover Sites Capacity (KW)
Total 22 241,765
Boiler/Steam Turbine 7 166,150
Combined Cycle 0 0
Combustion Turbine 3 40,000
Fuel Cell 1 5
Microturbine 1 60
Reciprocating Engine 9 35,450
Other 0 0
Organic Rankine Cycle 0 0
Steam Rankine Cycle 0 0
Backpressure Steam Turbine 1 100
Heat Recovery Steam Generator with a Steam Turbine 0 0
Other WHP* 0 0

Prime Mover Code Descriptions

Prime Mover Code Description
B/ST Boiler/Steam Turbine
CC Combined Cycle
CT Combustion Turbine
FCEL Fuel Cell
MT Microturbine
ERENG Reciprocating Engine
ORC Organic Rankine Cycle
SRC Steam Rankine Cycle
BPST Backpressure Steam Turbine
HRSG/ST Heat Recovery Steam Generator with a Steam Turbine
Other WHP Unknown or Other WHP Cycles
OTH Other

Column Heading Descriptions

Heading Description
City City name
Organization Name Name of the owner or operator of the CHP system
Facility Name Name of the facility that uses the thermal energy from the CHP system
Application Market sector served by the CHP system
SIC4 Standard Industrial Classification, 4-digit code
NAICS North American Industry Classification System code
Op Year Year the CHP system first became operational (years of all system expansions are not shown)
Latest Install Year Year of the most recent installation in CHP system
Prime Mover Primary equipment type (if a site has units of different equipment types, the type accounting for the largest capacity will be shown)
Capacity (kW) Total electric capacity of all CHP units at the site (kilowatts)
Fuel Type Primary fuel type used by the CHP system
Last Verified The year of the most recent verification of data for this CHP system

Fuel Code Descriptions

Fuel Code Description
RENEWABLE Ag Biomass, Biofuel, Digester Gas, LFG, Solid Biomass, Wood
NG Natural Gas, Propane
OIL Fuel Oil, Diesel
WASTE Blast Furnace Gas, Black Liquor, Petroleum Coke, Process Gas, MSW, Waste Coal
WHP Steam, Waste Heat
OTH Hydrogen, Other

*Note: while this system is waste heat to power it may not meet PURPA's definition of cogeneration (aka CHP).