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Microgrid Installations

Agriculture Farms that grow and process foods or other products
AirportCommerical airports
City/CommunityMultiple customers in a community or municipal setting
College/UniversityCollege and university campuses
CommercialCommercial buildings not otherwise classified
Hospital/HealthcareBuildings and campuses providing health care or assisted living services
MilitaryU.S. military bases and facilities
Multi-FamilyApartment buildings, public housing facilities, and housing cooperatives
Public InstitutionFederal/state/municipal buildings that serve a public function
Research FacilityResearch and development facilities and laboratories
SchoolsK-12 schools
Water Utility/TreatmentFacilities that provide direct treatement of water
OtherSites that do not fall into listed categories
CHP CHP Combined heat and power installation
BG Biogas Non-CHP biogas-fueled generator(s)
DSL Diesel Non-CHP diesel-fueled generator(s)
FC Fuel Cell Non-CHP fuel cell system
H Hydro Hydroelectric power facility
NG Natural Gas Non-CHP natural gas-fueled generator(s)
PV Solar Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels
STG Storage Energy storage technologies
W Wind Wind turbines
MCTRL Advanced Controls Advanced microgrid controls system
A microgrid is a network of distributed energy resources and loads that can disconnect and re-connect to the larger utility grid as a single entity, allowing the connected loads to be served during utility outages. Microgrids can also be found in remote locations where they may not be connected to a larger grid. Some standby/backup generators are configured to connect/disconnect and operate independently from the utility grid during an outage but these backup generators are not included in the database unless they are part of a microgrid that serves other functions, such as daily power requirements or participation in utility markets.